Software Solutions

We understand how to get the most from systems including: CRM, open source, business intelligence and bespoke solutions

Business Intelligence

Too often, you have valuable information buried in your systems. Business Intelligence is simply making that hidden information easily available in a format that's easy to understand and use.

We're not worried about the technology - it's simply using the right tools for you.

Rich Excel Reports

Perhaps you didn't expect us to start with Excel but we're big Excel fans. This isn't the Excel you are used to, this is using Excel effectively.

We have an automated tool to generate rich Excel based reports that can be viewed on demand or scheduled.  All the analysis tools you already know are built in - with pivot tables, filters and charts already there.

If you waste hours assembling and preparing data in Excel with complex pivot tables that no-one understands (or trusts) - then it's worth calling us to understand how we can give you better spreadsheets automatically. 

Data Visualisation and Dashboards

You will be amazed at the open source tools available for rich, interactive visualisations.

We're experts at extracting information from your systems into interactive dashboards showing the information you need to make decisions.

The advantage of this type of solution is the low costs (no "per-user" licenses) and the ability to write something that is perfect for your business.

Qlik, Tableau and Power BI

We recommend these three leading BI tools for more generic requirements. We can help you install and configure your new BI solution and assemble the information you need to make it work for you.

We can train your team to use them effectively so you have total control over your information.