Contract Project Management

Professional Project Management available when you need it.
From just one day a week.

pureXML offer project management resources to support projects where you don't need a full-time project manager.  You can use us from just a few hours a week for a small project.

You get our full professional support as a service you can call on.  In busy periods you will need more support and then less during quieter times.

What type of projects

We're IT project managers.  We're still real people who speak your language - but we understand IT systems and how to make them work for you.

We are used to all the day to day issues, designing and buying software, suppliers and then making systems work for you.

pureXML become part of your team - freeing up your time while we handle the details for you.

Are you "presentable"?

Yes we know IT can seem like a different world but we're primarily business people.  We understand budgets and real world requirements.  We enjoy presenting and making sure people understand what's happening. 

We're happy to speak with your board of directors and people at every other level in your business. We don't hide from problems or waste time with buzzwords - so we think you would enjoy working with us.

We use the standard project tools and yes there will plans, budgets, schedules, risks and issues - we believe there's no point documenting things that no-one can or will read - so everything will make sense.

What if we cancel the project?

If you don't want to continue, either because your plans have changed or you don't need us - then it's easy. We give you the choice of stopping immediately or working for a few hours on a "close down" summary so you can pick up where you left off.

There are no cancellation charges, no three month notice - effectively we work on a one hour notice period.

What do you cost?

We charge £600 or €700 per day.  That includes everything except travel expenses.

When working remotely, we charge hourly - so you only pay for the work we deliver. We use tools such as video conferencing to ensure we can use our time as effectively as possible.